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Ceasefire resolution in Gaza passed in UN General Assembly, India supported

Image Source : ANI
Ruchira Kamboj, India’s permanent representative to the United Nations General Assembly

UNGA: The United Nations General Assembly called an emergency meeting amid the conflict between Israel and Hamas. In this meeting a proposal for immediate ceasefire was presented. This proposal was passed. 153 countries voted in favor of this proposal. India is also included in these. Everyone expressed their opinion in favor of the ceasefire in Gaza by casting their vote. 10 countries opposed this proposal. Whereas 23 member countries did not participate in the voting.

These countries voted against the ceasefire

The countries that voted against the ceasefire proposal include America, Austria, Czech Republic, Guatemala, Israel, Liberia, Micronesia, Nauru, Papua New Guinea and Paraguay. Earlier, Egyptian Ambassador Abdel Khalek Mahmoud presented a resolution in the UN General Assembly calling for a ceasefire in Gaza. In its resolution, Egypt condemned the US veto on last week’s call for a ceasefire in the Security Council. Mahmood said that this proposal is very clear in calling for ceasefire. He said last week’s veto was misused against a draft ceasefire resolution on humanitarian grounds, even though it had the support of more than 100 member states.

Ruchira Kamboj presented the stand on behalf of India.

India’s Permanent Representative to the UN General Assembly Ruchira Kamboj said that India has voted in favor of the resolution adopted by the UN General Assembly. Kamboj said that the situation being discussed in the General Assembly has many dimensions. On October 7, there was a terrorist attack on Israel and many people were taken hostage, which is a matter of concern. He further said that a huge humanitarian crisis has arisen in Gaza. Civilians have lost their lives on a large scale. These include most of the women and children.

The issue is to comply with international humanitarian law in all circumstances. At the same time, efforts are being made to find a peaceful and permanent two-state solution to the long-standing Palestine issue. He said India welcomes the unity of the international community in a common effort to address the many challenges currently facing the region.

No support for ‘one-sided’ proposal

US Ambassador to the UN Linda Thomas-Greenfield said the US does not agree with the ceasefire proposal. We only agree that there should be no serious humanitarian crisis and genocide in Gaza. He also proposed an amendment to condemn the brutal attacks carried out by Hamas on 7 October. The US envoy directly blamed Hamas for the war.

Israel rejected the proposal

Israel’s ambassador to the UN, Gilad Ardan, said a ceasefire in Gaza would advance Hamas’ terrorist agenda. He rejected the proposal, saying that stopping the war would only benefit Hamas. Meanwhile, UNGA President Dennis Francis said that violence in Gaza must stop. Francis said that civilians are being attacked in Gaza. There have been serious violations of both international law and international humanitarian law.

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