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Cheating with brother, coup and Saudi Arabia in fist, know how Mohammed bin Salman became Crown Prince

Riyadh: Mohammed bin Salman (MBS) is not only Saudi Arabia but the person of the world without whom it is meaningless to imagine international politics. On September 27 this year, King Salman made him the Prime Minister of the country. Earlier this post was with the Sultan only. MBS also holds the Defense Ministry of the country. According to the experts of Saudi Arabian affairs, it is MBS who decides what decision the Gulf countries will take on America or other western countries. You will be surprised to know that today Mohammed bin Salman is so powerful, but at one time this status was written in the fate of his cousin Mohammed bin Nayaf, not him. But a coup made all this fame a part of MBS. The mild-looking MBS is very cunning. This story of MBS establishing his rule by staging a coup against his own brother sounds like a movie and is scary too. Know about this story of the coup.

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The way MBS became Saudi Crown Prince at the age of just 31, he surprised everyone. In the year 2015, on behalf of King Salman, it was announced to make him the Crown Prince of Saudi. At that time there were reports that MBS’s cousin Mohammed bin Nayef, who was much older than him, had been forced to step down. Before coming to this post, he was an advisor to father King Salman. He was appointed to this post in the year 2009.

When King Salman was appointed Crown Prince in 2012, MBS’s ambitions also started increasing. On June 20, 2017, MBS did what was probably unimaginable. King Salman was to leave for a meeting of the Political and Security Council on the same day. The meeting was about to start at 11 pm but before that a call came on MBN’s phone. The phone call was from MBS and Nayef mistook it for a normal phone call. When he put the phone away, MBS said that the Sultan wanted to meet him.
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He invited his cousin Nayef to the royal palace in Mecca. He was told that King Salman wanted to meet him on the fourth floor of the palace. Nayef remained the most powerful man in the country for the last two decades. According to sources close to Nayef, popularly known as MBN, he was asked by the Sultan to step down. The Sultan asked him to do this for his son. The reason given to him was also quite shocking. MBN was told that he was high on painkillers due to which his ability to make decisions was being affected.

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News agency Reuters quoted sources as saying that Sultan came to meet MBN when he was alone. Both were sitting in a room and there was no one around. The Sultan said to him, ‘I want you to give up your post. You didn’t even listen to the advice that was given to you as a treatment to get rid of your addiction. Because of this, your decisions are being affected a lot. Although many people term this whole reason as nonsense. Nayef understood that this was a coup for which he was never prepared.

It was told from sources at that time that MBN was removed due to national interest. The reasons for his removal were also kept secret. King Salman wanted to advance his son at any cost. In such a situation, he used the excuse of medicines as his weapon. MBN himself was also shocked at this whole development. MBN was ready to leave his post and he was also made to sign a document immediately.
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As soon as Nayef left the meeting with King Salman, MBS was waiting for him. He hugged his cousin and kissed him. Shortly thereafter, it was announced that the King had announced that MBS would be made Crown Prince. But whatever happened after that the whole world could not believe it. Nayef sent several messages to his advisor asking him to be careful and not to return.
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As soon as Nayef arrived at his palace in Jeddah, a few hours later new security personnel arrived at his house. He had understood that he was imprisoned in the house itself. Nayef was responsible for domestic security as Crown Prince and was very close to the US Intelligence Agency CIA. The year he was removed, he was awarded the CIA’s Counter-Terrorism Award in the same year. Nayef became Crown Prince at the age of 55.

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Tension between MBS and Nayef had been ongoing since June 5, 2017. The reason for this was the sanctions imposed on Qatar by Saudi and other countries. Nayef was also not happy with this decision like MBS but he wanted a peaceful solution. MBS believed that Nayef was unable to deal with this crisis. At the time when Nayef was called to the palace of Mecca, at that time every information related to his security was recorded. His bodyguards were asked to wait outside the palace, everyone’s mobile phones were also confiscated by MBS. Over the next few days, Nayef’s posters were removed from every building in Saudi and replaced by MBS’s. Nayef, America’s favourite, was now a prisoner and MBS was the country’s new crown prince.

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