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Cheetah India: The fastest running animal will soon be seen in India, the first batch of 12 cheetahs will arrive in October

Johannesburg: A batch of 12 cheetahs from South Africa are expected to reach India next month. Officials gave this information. Cheetahs have become extinct in India, so this step is being taken as part of the ambitious project of bringing cheetahs from abroad. A team of wildlife experts from South Africa returned home from India on Friday. In India, this team inspected the place where these cheetahs would be kept. Nine cheetahs have been kept in isolation at Roiberg Veterinary Services run by wildlife veterinarian Dr. Andy Fraser in Limpopo province, while three others are kept in isolation at the Finda Game Sanctuary in KwaZulu-Natal province, officials said. Is placed.

First batch of cheetahs to arrive in India in October
Fraser said the cheetahs are likely to be taken to India next month. He and Professor Adrian Tordiff, a cheetah specialist from South Africa, will also accompany him. At present, it is not clear on what date in October these cheetahs will be sent from South Africa to India. Before that, eight cheetahs from Namibia are likely to be sent to India next week.

cheetah fastest animal on earth
The cheetah is considered the fastest running animal among all the animals. The speed of a cheetah is so high that it can measure a distance of 700 yards in 40 seconds. This means that this creature can run at a speed of 70 miles in an hour. Although the cheetah does not run long distances, its speed is usually fastest when hunting and it usually pounces on its prey from a distance of 300 feet.




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