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China accused of building illegal police station in Netherlands

China Netherlands : China built two police stations in the European country Netherlands. Don’t be surprised The Chinese government has been accused of building at least two unannounced police stations in the Netherlands. This thing has come out in the media investigation of the Netherlands.

Police station built in the name of diplomatic service

Dutch media has found evidence that China is trying to build such police stations in the name of foreign service stations to provide diplomatic services. Dutch media says that China is using such stations to suppress voices against China in Europe. These stations have been developed for the purpose of silencing people dissatisfied with China’s policies. The Dutch Foreign Ministry has called such informal police posts illegal. However, China’s Foreign Ministry has denied any such allegation. China’s foreign affairs spokesman Wang Wenbin says that the centers that are being described as police posts are actually stations to facilitate Chinese citizens living outside China.

Revealed from the report of the NGO

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This action of China was first revealed by a report by Spain-based NGO Safeguard Defenders. According to the NGO, the Public Security Bureau of the two Chinese provinces had set up 54 ‘foreign police service centers’ across five continents and 21 countries. Most of these are in Europe, with nine in Spain and four in Italy. According to this NGO, China has set up such police stations in Britain as well. Two such posts have been detected in London and one in Glasgow. This NGO claims that such police units have been created to suppress the atmosphere being created against China abroad. The NGO also says that through such a station, China also pressurizes its disgruntled citizens to return home.



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