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China again put the inhabitants of the earth in danger, 25 tons of rocket debris will fall on the ground from space

Beijing : Once again the uncontrolled debris of a Chinese space rocket is about to fall on the earth. The China Manned Space Agency (CSMA) launched the third and last module of the Tiangong Space Station on a Long March-5B heavy-lift rocket on October 31. China now wants to increase its presence in space in competition with the US space agency NASA. He is not only launching one space mission after another but is also building his own space station.

According to researchers at The Aerospace Corporation’s Center for Orbital and Reentry Debris Studies, the 25-tonne rocket wreckage that delivered the Mengtian Laboratory Cabin Module to the Tiangong Space Station on October 31 entered Earth’s atmosphere at 11:51 pm on November 5. could. The exact information about where this debris will fall is currently unknown but it is likely to fall over the Americas, Central and South America, Africa, India, China, Southeast Asia and Australia.

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Rocket debris falling for the fourth time in two years
This is the fourth time in two years that China has dropped its rocket debris in an uncontrolled manner. Earlier in July, the wreckage of a Chinese rocket fell into the Philippine sea. China’s space agency had said that the Long March-5B rocket caught fire after entering Earth’s orbit at 12:55 pm. Earlier, the agency had said that it had no idea about where the debris of the booster rocket would fall.

NASA has given advice to China many times
The US space agency NASA has asked China’s space agency several times to design such rockets according to international standards, which will break into small pieces while falling on the earth. Recent rockets headed for China’s under-construction space station, Tiangong, cannot be controlled while falling to Earth. A similar wreck damaged several properties on the Ivory Coast in May 2020.

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