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China is doing two hunting with one arrow by sending a spy ship in the Indian Ocean, understand India’s big plan

BEIJING/NEW DELHI: Another Chinese spy ship Yuan Wang 6 has increased the stir in the Indian Ocean. A Chinese ship carrying ballistic missiles and satellites entered the Indian Ocean on November 4 via the Lombok Strait near Indonesia. This area is located at a distance of about 3500 km from the Andaman and Nicobar group. This ship has reached the Indian Ocean at the exact time when India is about to test its Agni missile. It is being told that during this time on November 12, China is also going to launch a satellite. Through this Yuan Wang 6 ship, China will also monitor the satellite. Analysts say that China is trying to do double hunting with one arrow. While the Indian Navy has been alerted by the arrival of this Chinese ship, a big plan has also been made to give a befitting reply to the nefarious conspiracy of the dragon. Let’s know the whole matter…

India is definitely alert to this move of China, but in response to this, a plan has been prepared. While the Indian Navy is on alert, it has now made it clear that it will not allow Chinese ships to enter its Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ). This exclusive economic zone of any country in the sea is up to 200 nautical miles. While this Chinese military ship is capable of monitoring missiles, it is registered as a ‘research and survey ship’. Foreign ships including warships can easily pass through the EEZ. At the same time, Indian legal does not allow any kind of foreign survey, research or excavation without permission.
Before India’s missile test, China sent spy ship to the Indian Ocean, Yuan Wang can steal important information
China has already done nefarious acts with India
Earlier in the year 2019, a Chinese spy ship Xi Yan 1 had reached near Port Blair and was forced to flee by the Indian Navy. India had a diplomatic dispute with China regarding this. Xi Yan 1 is also considered a spy ship of the Chinese Navy. According to sources, if China’s new spy ship Yuan Wang 6 also tries to enter the Indian Exclusive Economic Zone, then it will be treated the same as with Xi Yan 1. China has not yet disclosed where its ship is going.

Defense sources say that India is completely eyeing every move of this Chinese spy ship in the Indian Ocean. For this, monitoring is being done from both sea and air routes. India is keeping a close watch on every move of the Dragon with the help of its long-range surveillance drones and surveillance aircraft. Not only this, India is now in a position that it can find out that China’s spy ship is monitoring something. At the same time, Indian defense officials are not under much stress about this ship. The reason for this is that China can also monitor India’s missile launching from satellites.
China’s new mysterious weapon, H-6K bomber seen equipped with air-launched ballistic missiles
Know why China is filtering the Indian Ocean
Defense Ministry officials say that this strategic cooperation ship has actually come to the Indian Ocean to monitor China’s satellite launch on November 12 and the end of the month. This spy ship is not going to Sri Lanka this time either. Experts say that China is continuously scouring the Indian Ocean with the help of its strategic ships. They are measuring the sea surface to look for an alternate route away from the Malacca Strait.

Currently, Chinese ships can only enter the Indian Ocean via Malacca, Sunda, Lombok, Ombei or the Wetar Strait. All these routes are fully or partially controlled by Indonesia. China’s navy is also looking for a safe way to reach its naval base Djibouti in Africa. Recently, Sri Lanka had given oil to Chinese warships with the help of Indian oil tankers, which India strongly opposed.



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