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China is not stopping, Chinese soldiers patrolling on the other side of Uttarakhand in 15 days, Chinese villages are spreading

Beijing: The situation on the Line of Actual Control (LAC) from China’s side will ever be normal, its hopes are now very low. At least it seems so from the report of the newspaper The Hindu. The report states that China is engaged in expanding model villages on the other side of the LAC. In the language of China, it is called Xiaokang i.e. those villages which are very prosperous. According to the newspaper, they are being expanded in the eastern and central sectors. If official sources are to be believed, patrolling has been increased in some areas.

China is building a village fast
According to sources, China is rapidly building villages right in front of Barahoti in Uttarakhand. This is the place where the Chinese army has clashed with India. If intelligence is to be believed, multistory buildings are built and erected by the Chinese side within 90-100 days. He is building 300-400 houses in multi-storey blocks. Citing sources, the newspaper reported that People’s Liberation Army (PLA) patrols have been observed in 15 days or less. Whereas earlier patrolling was done only once in a season and that too in about three or four months.
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village in tibet

Similarly, small patrolling parties have also been observed in Mana, Niti and Thangla areas. Similarly, there are also reports of the construction of a border village in the north-west of the Tholing region of Tibet. Along with the village, a military complex is also visible here. Sources say that the construction of buildings has been completed at both the places. Two new villages have come up in Kuna, just opposite the Kemand region of Arunachal Pradesh. Arrangements have been made for 41 residential units, greenhouses and solar lights in these villages. About 200 people of the Menba ethnic community are settled here.

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Ongoing conflict since 2020
It has been told from the sources that apart from the village, there are multi-storey military complexes at many other places as well. The complex is surrounded by CCTV and watch towers. Similarly, in front of the strategically important ‘Siliguri Corridor’, construction of villages is going on at a rapid pace in other parts of the LAC including the Chumbi Valley.

In April 2020, the confrontation with China started in Eastern Ladakh. Since then, encroachment by the PLA has continued along the LAC in other areas as well. In August 2021, more than 100 Chinese soldiers had entered within four or five km of Indian territory at Barahoti in Uttarakhand. However, they returned after a few hours.

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