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China Missile: China is making the world’s fastest missile, the speed will be 40 thousand kilometers per hour

Beijing: China is constantly experimenting to increase the speed of its missiles. For this, Chinese engineers are building powerful hypersonic wind tunnels one after the other. Some time ago, China has operationalized a high power wind tunnel in Sichuan province. This wind tunnel is capable of producing extreme flight conditions on earth. Wind speeds in this wind tunnel can reach 2.5 to 11.5 kilometers per second (1.55-7.14 mph), or Mach 33. This wind tunnel is almost twice the size of the previous largest wind tunnel. The engine and aerodynamic structure are tested by passing air at high speed in the wind tunnel.

What will China benefit from wind tunnel
For comparison, spacecraft entering Earth’s atmosphere from space typically reach speeds of just 17,500 mph, or Mach 25. In such a situation, these wind tunnels will not only be able to test hypersonic weapons and vehicles, but it can also help a lot in the construction of spacecraft. By analyzing the data from the wind tunnel, spacecraft can be designed for everything from returning to Earth to escaping gravity and landing on other planets.

Chinese missiles will be invincible once successful
According to the report of the South China Morning Post, China aims to provide its missiles with a speed of Mach 33. With this, Chinese missiles can reach a speed of 40 thousand kilometers per hour. So there will be no one to stop them. The defense system has not yet been built to stop any hypersonic missile in the world. In such a situation, if China achieves the speed of Mach 33, then it can prove to be a threat to the whole world. China already has a hypersonic anti-ship missile named DF-17.

Chinese scientists are building
“We have built the world’s largest free-piston driven expansion tube wind tunnel,” said Liu Zhiguo, who led a team at the Hypervelocity Aerodynamics Institute under the China Aerodynamics Research and Development Center in Mianyang. Ultra-high-speed tunnels are called free-piston driven tunnels. The design was invented in the 1960s as an alternative to hydrogen-powered wind tunnels built by Australian space engineer Raymond Stalker.




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