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China no longer trusts friend Pakistan’s investigation, will now investigate Baloch attacks

KarachiThe blast at Karachi University in April this year had stunned the authorities of both Pakistan and China. Pakistan is investigating this attack from its side. But it seems that his best friend China does not trust his investigation. Perhaps that is why it has now decided to investigate these attacks together with Pakistan. Chinese citizens are being targeted in attacks in Pakistan. The attack in April made it clear that terrorists were engaged in targeting Pakistan’s closest and most important partner. The purpose of these attacks is to spoil Pakistan’s relations with China so that economic difficulties may arise for the country. Now both these countries have decided that this issue will be resolved together.

conspiracy in balochistan
The attack was carried out by a female suicide bomber. This attacker was very educated and was a citizen of Pakistan. Apart from the teachers of Chinese origin, their local driver was also killed in this attack. After the attack, it was followed by some more terrorist attacks after April, one of which took place in September itself. Chinese civilians were also marked in this attack. In November 2018 also, there was an attack on the Chinese Consulate in Karachi. This was followed by an attack on the Karachi Stock Exchange in June 2020. Trains will stop in Pakistan, the country will be immersed in darkness… the pauper Shahbaz government spread its bag in front of China
The Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA) was said to be behind all these attacks. The attackers involved in the attack on the university came from a very good family. After this, a video surfaced in which it was seen that the separatists of Balochistan had threatened China to leave Pakistan or stay there and be prepared to face more devastation. Even after several months, Pakistan’s concerns about this have not subsided.

China was threatened

The threat to China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) has increased after the attacks in Karachi. China is building railways, roads, pipelines and ports in Pakistan under this project with $ 65 billion. After all these infrastructure projects, China’s hold up to the Arabian Sea will be strengthened and Pakistan’s economy will improve.

The BLA has intensified attacks on Chinese citizens in recent years. BLA has always threatened China to stay away from Balochistan. China has always ignored these threats. But now China is beginning to feel that the issue is becoming serious for it. In a statement from Pakistan’s Ministry of Home Affairs recently, it was said that the attack on Chinese citizens and the threat to ongoing projects in Pakistan is a matter of deep concern.
Before retirement, Pakistan’s General Bajwa’s last wish for India, China and America
warning to Jinping
Balochistan is that part of Pakistan where resources are plentiful. At this place, China has also built the Gwadar port. There are also several mining projects that fall under the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). In the video that came after the attack on Karachi University, a terrorist was seen covering his face. Big blow to Shahbaz due to Imran’s bet, Saudi Prince will open treasury in India, Pakistan will keep staring
Talking in English, this terrorist threatened Chinese President Xi Jinping. This terrorist said, ‘President of China, you should leave Balochistan in time, otherwise we will throw you out of here in such a way that you will never forget it.’ Chinese officials visited Pakistan to investigate the attack. This was also confirmed by the Ministry of Home Affairs.

big help from china
According to the Home Ministry, Chinese officials helped Pakistan’s Counter Terrorism Force to obtain data from CCTV footage and mobile phones. This team, which came in the month of August, stayed for about two months in connection with the investigation. When the suspect was arrested in July, Pakistani authorities heaved a sigh of relief. Pakistani officials have admitted that it was only because of the help received from the Chinese authorities in the attack in April that the suspect could be caught.



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