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China Pakistan US: Pakistan will suffer the punishment of relations with China, America will avoid it! Know what is the whole matter

Islamabad: If a US report is to be believed, then the relations between Pakistan and China are very strong at this time. Both countries are also moving towards an alliance. But those countries, which are enemies of China, especially America, will not get entry in this alliance. In such a situation, this relationship of both the countries will not get the status of a complete alliance. Tension has been going on between America and China for a long time. In such a situation, this American report will clearly be troubling to him. The report mainly talks about the military relationship between China and Pakistan. The report has come at a time when China is preparing to give some loan to Pakistan to get it out of the crisis.

Why can’t an alliance be formed
The American report has been titled ‘The Future of the China-Pakistan Military Relationship’. According to this report, both the countries cannot fully lead any alliance in future. The report noted that there would be difficulties in making this happen, possibly due to missteps by China or active measures by adversaries to block ties. The report has been prepared by Sameer P Lalwani of the US Institute of Peace. This institute is a federal institution working with the US Congress.

Jinping reached China in the year 2015
The report said that in 2015, experts predicted a decline in China-Pakistan military ties, citing different reasons. But in the same year Chinese President Xi Jinping visited Pakistan for the first time. Here he introduced the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) as an important project. Along with this, Jinping also announced to give eight submarines to Pakistan. According to Lalwani, in less than a decade, China-Pakistan military relations have moved a step ahead from a partnership to an alliance.

Pakistan is buying arms from China

This report claimed that Pakistan is increasingly acquiring important defense equipment from China, especially those with high-end fighter jets and power launch capabilities. Pakistan has started retiring its old American and European platforms. But more efforts are needed to develop this alliance fully. More military help will be given to Pakistan from China. Along with that J-20 stealth fighter jet or nuclear powered attack submarines are also going to be received from China.

Can relationships be in danger?

It is possible that the armies of the two countries may come together in case of a China-India or Pakistan-India border crisis. China’s Navy is deploying surveillance property in Gwadar. This step also shows the strengthening of relations between the two countries. However, the leaders of both the countries refuse to accept that any pressure has been put on Pakistan to choose either China or the West. Experts also believe that China’s treatment of Uighurs in China’s Xinjiang province can weaken relations with Pakistan. At the same time, it is also true that China is now fed up with depositing cash in Pakistan’s banks.

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