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China PLA War Plan: Jinping preparing for war with America-India, Chinese army engaged on ‘knife plan’, learn Ukraine connection

Beijing: The army of Chinese President Xi Jinping, who intends to rule the world, has stepped up preparations for any future war with America, India and Taiwan. While China is preparing a stockpile of 1500 nuclear bombs and hypersonic missiles, the Army PLA has also started working on a ‘sharp knife’ plan to sharpen itself. In fact, the Chinese military has now increased its focus on non-commissioned officers who will be in service for a long time. These officers will be equipped with state-of-the-art training. The unit of these officers will be very small and will go on cutting the enemy like a sharp knife in the future battlefield.

It is believed that China has taken this lesson from the war in Ukraine. Chinese military newspaper PLA Daily said that the Chinese military is now working on this mission, drawing lessons from regional wars. Actually, the Chinese army is working on its Mission 2050 plan. Under this, Chinese President Jinping aims to make the Chinese army a ‘world-class’ army by the year 2050. Jinping is the supreme commander of all the three forces and he has said many times that the PLA should prepare itself for war. This is the reason why now the Chinese army is focusing on non-commissioned officers.

‘Modern warfare highly trained soldiers fight’

According to the report of the South China Morning Post, these officers will be the backbone of the Chinese army in the future war. The Chinese army is going to focus on creating small and deadly troops. This rule has been implemented from March itself, due to which middle and senior military officers will be in service for a long time. It has also been started by extending the service life of the Marines stationed at the Spratly Islands. China has made this island a military fort to dominate the South China Sea. Many other countries of South East Asia claim these islands.

The Chinese newspaper said that the lesson from recent regional wars is that the role of non-commissioned officers has become too much in modern warfare. Analysts say that China’s reference was towards the army of Ukraine where non-commissioned were more. Ukrainian troops successfully halted the advance of the advancing Russian troops. The PLA Daily, the Chinese military newspaper, said, “Modern warfare is the battle of highly trained soldiers.” Small military units are said to have played an increasingly important role in regional wars. This is the reason that a large number of non-commissioned officers will play the role of ‘sharp knife’ in the future war and wipe out their enemy.

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