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China Population: Appeal to families to have more children in China, government admits country towards a big crisis

The Chinese government is appealing to families in the country to produce more and more children. On Tuesday, it has been announced by the government that the couple who will have more children, will be given many types of government facilities. The government has taken this step after the warning given by the officials in which it was said that the country’s population was shrinking. According to Chinese officials, the population is continuously decreasing and from the year 2025 it will see a further decline. China is the country whose population had worried the world.

China troubled by low birth rate
In the 1970s, the One Child Policy was announced by the government to stop the growing population. But it was abolished in the year 2016. China is currently going through a crisis in which the number of people is continuously decreasing. The number of elderly people in factories and other places is increasing. The slowing economy and the weakening population have increased the concerns of the country. After the end of the One Child Policy, the Chinese government gave people the freedom to have three children. There has been a sharp decline in the birth rate in the last five years.

The National Health Commission (NHC) has appealed to the central and state governments to increase expenditure on mother’s health and improve child care services across the country. Various facilities have been announced by the government, which include promises like subsidy, tax exemption and better health insurance. Along with this, help in education, home and employment to young families has also been promised. All provinces must ensure they have enough nurseries for children aged 2 to 3 by the end of this year.Japan-China: Why do China and South Korea get angry because of a temple in Japan, what is it like in this temple
In the rich cities of China, housing discounts, education benefits and even cash have been announced. Its purpose is to motivate women so that they can have more children. In China, the birth rate had reached 7.52 percent for every 1000 people. This is the lowest since 1949. People here did not want to have children due to inflation and many other reasons.




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