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China Spy Balloon: Not only with balloons, China can spy on the world in these other ways too, know which ones

Melbourne: The news that a ‘Chinese spy balloon’ seen flying in US airspace was shot down has sparked interest in how countries spy on each other. The US has accused China of violating American sovereignty and international law. China says the US violated international law by shooting down its balloon and warned it would exercise its right to take appropriate action in response.

what tricks
To many people the idea of ​​using a balloon to spy on a country may seem ludicrous. However, the reality is that when you have to dominate your opponents, you will use any means. Along with this, many methods are adopted by countries to collect intelligence. Some of these are…

signal spying
‘Signals Intelligence’ is a major method of intelligence gathering. It uses a variety of ground- and space-based techniques to target signals and communications from target equipment. This often leads to very sensitive information, which explains why ‘signals intelligence’ is considered the most controversial method of espionage.US China Spy Balloon: China told the spy balloon to be a civilian plane, America used to keep an eye on the enemy, today it is making so much noise
geospatial intelligence
Geospatial espionage deals with human activities on the ground below it, including waterways. It typically focuses on military and civilian construction, human activities (such as the movement of refugees and migrants), and natural resources. Geospatial espionage is done on the basis of information obtained through satellites, drones, high flying aircraft and even balloons. Spy balloons can not only collect images and signals, but also perform chemical analysis of the air. These are not common because the balloons are easily visible to the public.

China Spy Balloon India: Andaman and Nicobar is a sore vein of China, what the dragon was looking for from the spy balloon, understand the danger
Imagery Intelligence
Image espionage is closely related to geospatial espionage. Satellites, drones and aircraft are also often used in this. It targets the strategic movement of troops and weapon systems, especially targeting military bases, nuclear arsenals and other strategic assets.

Cyber ​​espionage
Cyber ​​espionage is commonly associated with ‘signals intelligence’, but differs in that it uses people directly (eg via hackers) to enter protected systems and obtain information. It is carried out by direct unauthorized access to a system through signals, malware or hackers. Countries can also target their allies’ networks with this.
open source intelligence

This is the newest way to spy. The information in this comes from a variety of primary sources such as newspapers, blogs, officially shared information and reports. Other sources are information from WikiLeaks, The Intercept and social media platforms etc.

human intelligence
This is the oldest method of espionage and probably the most well known. Spies are generally divided into three categories, declared intelligence officers, those working officially undercover, and military and embassy/civilian aid workers who are unofficial spies and often work in commercial, academic and business circles. work on positions.

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