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China Sri Lanka Spy Vessel: Sri Lanka gave a grand welcome to China’s ‘spy’ who arrived in Hambantota, betrayed India for ‘Dragon’ after Pakistan!

Colombo : Despite India’s strong opposition, China’s spy ship Yuan Wang 5 reached Hambantota port in Sri Lanka on Tuesday. China’s most dangerous spy ship is located just 1100 km away from India. When the ship reached Sri Lanka on Tuesday, it was given a warm welcome. Flags of China and Sri Lanka were waving at the port in the presence of senior officials. A day earlier, India handed over a Dornier maritime surveillance aircraft to the Sri Lankan Navy, but Sri Lanka has once again shocked India.

India did not want this ship to come to Sri Lanka. Colombo had conveyed these concerns to China and requested to postpone the visit of the ship which was ignored by Beijing. China’s official newspaper Global Times quoted the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as saying that China’s scientific research ship Yuan Wang 5 reached the Hambantota port of Sri Lanka on Tuesday. Several senior Sri Lankan officials, including the President’s representative, attended the reception hosted by Chinese Ambassador Qi Zhenhong.

The ship will remain in Hambantota till August 22
A Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman said that after docking, the Yuan Wang 5 will take some time to complete the required response. Its scientific research is in accordance with international law and should not be interfered with by third parties. In the video from Hambantota, it can be seen how Sri Lanka is welcoming the Chinese ship. This ship will remain in Hambantota from 16 to 22 August. The presence of this ship in Sri Lanka is worrying for India because it can track satellites as well as detect Inter-Continental Ballistic Missiles (ICBMs).

A day before India gave Dornier
This ship is a ship of the Yuanwang class. It weighs around 23,000 tonnes and can easily carry a crew of 400 sailors. Not only this, many types of sensors are also installed on this ship. On the completion of 75 years of independence, India gave a Dornier maritime surveillance aircraft to Sri Lanka as a friendship. Sri Lankan President Ranil Wickremesinghe on Monday thanked India for gifting the Dornier aircraft to his country and said it would help kick-start cooperation between the Sri Lankan Air Force and Navy with the Indian Navy in maritime surveillance.

Has given a blow to India for Pakistan
This is not the first time that Sri Lanka has given a blow to India. Earlier, Sri Lanka had given permission to Pakistan’s warship Taimur, built in China, to stay with it. The warship was equipped with missiles and ammunition. This is a Type 054 A/P freegate made in China. At present, China is building two more such frigates for the Pakistan Navy. This ship was inducted into the Pakistan Navy on 23 June.




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