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China surrounded by string of pearls, India came into action, answering like this with necklace of diamonds, understand

BEIJING/NEW DELHI: The Indian Ocean has now become the new hotbed of conflict between India and China in the last 10 years. China has made the largest navy to rule the world. Chinese military warships are patrolling through the Malacca Strait to a naval base in Djibouti, Africa. Not only this, Chinese spy ships are constantly coming for reconnaissance in the Indian Ocean. Indian Ocean tour of PLA submarines has also intensified. Experts say that China has begun to encircle India in the Indian Ocean as part of its string of pearls policy. India has also geared up to give a befitting reply to China and together with France and Japan has started strengthening the ‘Necklace of Diamond’ policy against the dragon. Under this strategy, India’s Marine Predator P-8I aircraft has landed at Reunion Island Naval Base in France. At the same time, warships of the Indian Navy have also reached Japan.

For the third time, the Indian Navy has landed the extremely powerful P-8I surveillance aircraft on the island of Reunion. India has taken this step at a time when China has significantly increased its presence in the western Indian Ocean. It is also being said that China is going to build another naval base in Africa. Earlier in the year 2020, the Indian Navy had landed this hunter on Reunion Island. Not only this, Indian aircraft did surveillance work in collaboration with French warships stationed in this area. India has sent this aircraft to Reunion at a time when India has carried out the first trilateral naval exercise with two East African countries Tanzania and Mozambique. The exercise was carried out in the western Indian Ocean off the east coast of continental Africa.

String of Pearls vs Necklace of Diamonds

String Of Pearls Vs India Necklace Of Diamonds
India considers the Southwest Indian Ocean, including the Mozambique Channel, the East African coast with huge Chinese investments, as vital for its maritime security strategy. Analysts believe that the exercise is part of efforts to strengthen defense ties with East African countries and island nations in the Indian Ocean. In the last few years, the Indian Ocean has become the new hotbed of confrontation between India and China. India has started strengthening the Necklace of Diamonds policy to beat China’s String of Pearls policy. The Indian Ocean is very important to the world. Two-thirds of the world’s oil, one-third of goods and half of the world’s containers pass through this Indian Ocean.
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China built the first foreign military base in Djibouti in the year 2017
This is the reason why India is expanding its reach in this entire region. India is building a naval base in Lakshadweep. Not only this, India is strengthening relations with African countries including Mauritius as well as Vietnam and Japan. India continues to conduct exercises in the Pacific Ocean with the navies of Japan and America. China has invested in at least 17 ports in Africa over the years. This has greatly increased the presence of China in the western Indian Ocean. China built its first foreign military base in Djibouti in 2017. Experts say that China can use these places to fulfill its military purposes. He can deploy the Chinese Navy in this area for a long time.

India is building a military base in Agalega Island of Mauritius
In 2008, China started sending its warships to this region of the Indian Ocean in the name of action against pirates. In the year 2013, China made its intentions clear by sending its nuclear submarine to this area. Now China is building a facility to build submarines and aircraft carriers in Djibouti. India considers itself to be a protector and helper country in the Indian Ocean. India has given humanitarian aid from Indonesia to Mozambique. India has forged close defense ties with the island nations of the western Indian Ocean. India is building a military base in Agalega Island of Mauritius, which will be ready by June 2023. The airport will also have a 3000 meter long runway. With this, India will be able to give a befitting reply to China in this area. India will be able to deploy its sea hunter P-8I. India has already signed agreements for various military bases in France, Réunion, Japan and the US. India is buying P8I aircraft from the US on a large scale to hunt Chinese submarines.



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