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China Taiwan Crisis: Why is Taiwan not responding to China’s action, is missile passing through space not a violation of airspace?

Taipei: There is a war-like situation between China and Taiwan. The navies of both the countries are stationed in front of each other with eye-to-eye. It all started with the visit of US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan. Nancy went on a tour from Taiwan to other Asian countries, but the atmosphere of an undeclared war was definitely created behind her. On his way back, 22 Chinese fighter jets infiltrated Taiwanese airspace. On the next day, China bombarded Taiwan with missiles. Of these, 11 ballistic missiles flew over Taiwan’s land. Despite this, no retaliatory action was taken from Taiwan side. Taiwan definitely said that China is preparing for war under the guise of military exercises.

Knowing China as powerful, Taiwan is not getting confused?
Various speculations are being made about not responding to Chinese aggression. Some people believe that China is more powerful than Taiwan. That’s why he doesn’t want to create a war-like situation. Many believe that the war will only harm Taiwan. Because of this Taiwan is reluctant to take any step. However, Taiwan’s military experts have a completely different opinion. He has clearly said that Taiwan is a peace loving country and it does not want to get involved with China unnecessarily. No one has benefited from war. In such a situation, if there is a war, then there will be a huge loss to Taiwan, but China will not remain untouched by it. China’s economy is already shrinking, so the war will cause a lot of economic damage to it.

Know the reason for not responding to Chinese missile launch
A post uploaded to a community Facebook page of the Wang Lee Second World-War Research Institute has been told a lot about Taiwan’s retaliation, reports Taiwan News. In this post, an attempt has been made to explain why Taiwan did not respond to China’s missile launch. According to the Post, ballistic missiles typically remain in space before returning back to Earth to hit their targets. During this, the missiles fly at an altitude of about 100 km from the earth. The Taiwanese Defense Ministry itself said on Thursday that the flight path of all Chinese missiles was in space outside the atmosphere.

space cannot be considered airspace
The post explained that Chinese missiles did fly over Taiwan, but they were all in space. As such, it cannot be considered a violation of Taiwanese airspace. The whole world believes that the airspace of any country does not extend to space. In such a situation, if a missile goes through space, then it cannot be considered a violation of airspace. It has also been told in the post that if this does not happen then every day Chinese satellites fly over Taiwan. Many American satellites also fly over China. In such a situation, it should be considered that all the countries of the world violate each other’s airspace. However, even this claim is not entirely true.

Different rules regarding military and civilian items in space
The claim made in the post about satellites is not completely true. Military or spy satellites of any country cannot fly over any of its enemy countries. This can also be considered a violation of the air limit. Provided that the country concerned has the ability to track and shoot down the satellite of its enemy. The same rule applies to weapons as well. Firing of missiles in space over or over the airspace of any country can be considered as border encroachment. If this was a civilian satellite, then the matter would have been different.


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