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China Taiwan War: Taiwan activated the missile system, has the country prepared for war with China?

Taipei: Taiwan alerted its navy and activated missile systems, landing its fighter jets amid the deployment of 34 Chinese military aircraft and nine warships. This deployment has come at a time when China has increased preparations for a possible blockade or attack against Taiwan, which has also increased the concerns of Taiwan’s main ally America. In a letter last month, US Air Force General Mike Minihan instructed officials to prepare for a US-China conflict over Taiwan in 2025.

Chinese jets crossed the border
As head of the Air Mobility Command, Minihan has a deep understanding of the Chinese military and his comments are in line with calls for the US to step up preparedness. Taiwan’s defense ministry said 20 Chinese aircraft crossed the central line on Tuesday in the Taiwan Strait, which has long been an informal buffer zone.

China claims Taiwan as its territory, while most Taiwanese oppose coming under the control of China’s ruling Communist Party. The Defense Ministry said on Wednesday that Taiwan’s armed forces ‘monitored the situation to respond to these activities.’ China has sent warships, bombers, fighter jets into the airspace near Taiwan on an almost daily basis.

China gave the warning
The displays of military might came amid visits by then-Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi and several leaders of the European Union to Taiwan in recent months. In August last year, objecting to Pelosi’s visit, China conducted maneuvers around Taiwan and fired missiles. China has warned of retaliatory action against countries having close ties with Taiwan.

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