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China’s big move, trying to make Pakistan a member of BRICS

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Leader of BRICS organization.

Pakistan on BRICS: China has once again made a move. He wants to make forums like BRICS a platform for anti-America countries. In such a situation, at the behest of China, Pakistan has also become eager to become a member of BRICS. This is the reason that

Pakistan has applied to join this prestigious organization. Russian news agency TASS has revealed this in its report. Actually, BRICS organization wants to connect more countries with itself. But these are those countries which are developing rapidly. Pakistan does not live up to these standards. Despite this, China is trying to include India’s enemy Pakistan in BRICS. On the other hand, Pakistan wants Russia to help Pakistan to join BRICS.

Russia is going to take over the presidency of BRICS next year. Pakistan will have to convince India to become a member of BRICS and that is why Islamabad wants Russia’s help. According to Russian agency ‘Tas’, Pakistani Ambassador has revealed this in an interview. The issue of Pakistan’s membership will come before Russia next year.

Last year 6 new countries were invited to join ‘BRICS’

BRICS was formed in the year 2010. When this organization came into existence, Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa were its founding member countries. Last year, in the last BRICS summit in October, South Africa had invited 6 new countries to join its alliance. These countries include Egypt, Argentina, Ethiopia, Saudi Arabia and UAE. These countries will become member countries of BRICS from January 1, 2024.

It will be necessary to talk to India also

Pakistan wants to become a member of BRICS. Since Russia will be the chairperson of the next BRICS summit. So Pakistan would like Russia to support it. Besides, Pakistan will also request Russia to convince India. If talks do not work out then Pakistan will have to talk to India. Only then will it be able to enter BRICS. At the same time, China is eager to include Pakistan in this organization to strengthen its influence in BRICS.

India strongly opposes China’s intentions

The next BRICS meeting is going to be held in Russia and the country’s Deputy Foreign Minister has said that BRICS plans to give the status of partner state to some countries. He said that he wants to see the expansion of BRICS friends to Latin America. Earlier, Chinese President Xi Jinping had said that we should include more countries in BRICS so that the global system can be made more fair. China intends to include Pakistan in BRICS in some way, but India opposes with full force.

5 biggest economies of the world in BRICS organization

These 5 BRICS member countries are among the 5 largest economies of the world and represent 41 percent of the world’s population. This is 24 percent of the total GDP of the world.

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