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China’s big statement on Ukraine issue in UNSC, said – the world has to be stopped from moving towards a new cold war

Beijing: Chinese Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Chiang Zwoon, while delivering a speech at an open meeting on the Ukraine issue organized by the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) on August 24, asked not to allow the world to get caught in a new Cold War. Chiang Joon said that the Ukraine crisis and the recent series of tensions that have arisen in the international community have shown that in this era of urgent need for solidarity and cooperation to meet the challenges together, we should avoid any deliberate provocation and separatism. And the action to intensify the confrontation has to be cautious.

With this must protect global strategic stability and not allow the world to go into a new cold war. According to Chiang Joon, it has been proved in reality that the idea of ​​cold war and group confrontation is absolutely unacceptable. Following the end of the Cold War, NATO’s repeated eastward expansion has not only failed to secure Europe, but has sowed the seeds of conflict.
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The security of one country cannot be destroyed by destroying the other.
The human community is an undivided security community. Achieving equal protection matches the interests of different countries. The security of one country cannot be at the cost of destroying the security of other countries, and regional security cannot be guaranteed by strengthening military factions.




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