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China’s billionaire businessman and Alibaba founder Jack Ma was missing in Japan after criticizing Jinping

Tokyo: Another big news is coming amidst the ongoing lockdown and protests in China. Jack Ma, the country’s most powerful businessman and richest man, is currently in Tokyo, the capital of Japan. Jack Ma has been living in central Tokyo for about six months. He is the founder of Alibaba, the world’s largest technology company. In the year 2021, when the news of his disappearance came to the world, everyone was shocked. Everyone wanted to know where Jack Ma was. It has been informed by the Financial Times that Jack Ma is living in Japan with his family.

low profile life

If people who know about Jack Ma’s whereabouts are to be believed, then Jack Ma is living a very low profile life in Tokyo. He has brought his personal chef and security with him. Also, they are rarely seen in public. Jack Ma has traveled with his family from hot springs to ski resorts during several months of residence in Japan.

Apart from this, he has also visited America and Israel outside Tokyo. Two years ago, strict rules were implemented by Chinese agencies. After this, these rules were strongly criticized by Jack Ma. Jack Ma had accused the country’s central banks of having a moneylender’s mentality. Since then, Jack Ma’s companies Ant and Alibaba had to face a lot of difficulties.
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Jack Ma gets punished

The Chinese agency had closed Ant’s $ 37 billion public offering. Along with this, Alibaba was also fined $ 2.8 billion. In China this year, when President Xi Jinping implemented the Zero Covid policy, once again there were reports of his disappearance. Due to the zero covid policy, a lockdown was imposed in Shanghai and the surrounding Yangtze River in April and May. Demonstrations are going on at a very large level at these places. Jack Ma has a home in Hangzhou, a city near Shanghai that is where Alibaba is headquartered.
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against strict rules

Since his confrontation with Chinese authorities, Ma has been seen in various countries including Spain and the Netherlands. Jack Ma is against China’s strict quarantine rules. In such a situation, if he returns to the country, then difficulties may increase for him. Apart from this, he also wants to avoid the political issues of the country. His social activities include joining private clubs. One of these clubs is located in Tokyo’s swashbuckling Ginza district and the other is in Marunouchi, near the Imperial Palace. The richest people of China come to the Ginza Club. These are people who have either settled in Tokyo or come from other countries.

what do you say close
Those involved in modern art in Japan say that Ma has now become an avid collector. According to close friends of billionaire Ma in China, he is very fond of painting. Whenever he is free from busy schedule, he spends time in it. At the same time, some people are believing that Ma has come to Japan to expand his business. Jack Ma’s company The Ant has flatly refused to say anything on this news.

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