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China’s move before the next week’s ballistic missile test! Spy ship arrived in IOR

China Spy Ship In IOR: All is not well in the Indian Ocean. China is constantly trying to keep an eye on India’s activities. According to media reports, once again China has sent its spy ship to the Indian Ocean region. India is also going to test a long-range ballistic missile next week. In such a situation, the entry of China’s spy ship into the Indian Ocean (IOR) is not a good sign.

According to media reports, the Chinese research and space-tracking vessel Yuan Wang-5 has entered the IOR through Indonesia’s Sunda Channel. At the same time, the Indian Navy is tracking it closely. Explain that China’s spy ship has entered the IOR at a time when India has issued NOTAM (Notice to Airmen / Notice to Air Mission) for missile testing in the Andaman and Nicobar region.

Will the missile test be postponed?

It has also been claimed in media reports that earlier the Chinese ship was going somewhere else, but soon after India issued the NOTAM, the Chinese ship changed its direction towards the Indian Ocean. In such a situation, it becomes very important to see whether the missile test will actually be conducted as per the schedule or will be postponed.

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Spy ship was also sent in November

According to the report of One India, earlier India had planned for ballistic missile test in the month of November as well and at the same time China had sent its second spy ship Yuan Wang-6 to IOR. As a result, India had stopped the missile test. Yuan Wang had entered the Indian Ocean region before the missile test to be held from 6 to 11 November, for which India had issued NOTAM.

What did the Indian Navy say?

China is repeatedly intruding in the Indian Ocean region and the Indian Navy also reacted to this a few days ago. The Navy said on 30 November (Wednesday) that it monitors the Indian Ocean region, where ‘incidents of Chinese incursions are not uncommon’. The Navy said it is committed to safeguarding the country’s interests in this strategic area. Vice Admiral MA Hampiholi, chief of the Southern Naval Command, said the Indian Navy is keeping an eye on the area with the help of satellites and maritime reconnaissance aircraft.

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