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China’s population decreased for the second consecutive year due to increase in death rate, Dragon got tensed due to this

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On one hand, China’s population is aging and on the other hand, the birth rate has also decreased.

Beijing: On one hand, many countries of the world are worried about the increasing population, while on the other hand, China is worried about the decreasing population of the country. According to reports, the population in China is set to decline by 20 lakh in 2023 due to increased death rate and lower birth rate after COVID-19 related restrictions were lifted. The population in China has declined for the second consecutive year and this has worried the country’s policy makers. The Bureau of Statistics said that the total population of the country is 1.4 billion.

Decline in birth rate is a challenge for China

Let us tell you that demographers had feared a sharp increase in the death toll due to the outbreak of Covid-19. Declining birth rates have long been an economic and social challenge for China. China’s average population continues to age, which could lead to a decline in the number of working people and slowing economic growth over time. This could also pose a challenge to the country’s ability to provide services to the large elderly population.

The decline is less compared to previous years

The birth rate has declined for the 7th consecutive year but this decline is less this time compared to previous years. Last year, about 9 million children were born in China. China had tried to control population growth by adopting the policy of ‘only one child’, but now it is facing a different problem. The government has tried to encourage births since officially ending the policy in 2016, but without much success.

Due to these reasons population is not increasing in China

People in China are getting married late and many are also choosing not to have children. Apart from this, due to the high cost of education and upbringing, most of the people are following the policy of only one child. This is the reason why China, which was once number one in the world in terms of population, and which had implemented very strict measures to stop it, is today encouraging its citizens to have more children.

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