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China’s spacecraft left a mysterious thing in space, America’s Space Force’s surprising claim

Washington: According to the US Space Force, China’s spacecraft has released another object into Earth’s orbit. This spacecraft has been detected on Monday, but it is not known what it is. According to the Orbital Focus website, the second object is traveling less than 200 meters from its parent. With very little official information, US experts believe the unidentified object is linked to a project funded by the Natural Science Foundation of China.

Experts believe that this may be related to the development of a reusable space transport system. The system’s suborbital component made a second flight in September. Space watchers speculate that the object may be a small satellite designed to monitor a large craft, service module, or test results. It is also believed that this will see whether larger payloads can be deployed.
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Spacecraft was launched on 4 August
The reusable experimental spacecraft was launched on 4 August from Jiuquan in the Gobi Desert. It was launched on one of China’s Long March 2F rockets and has been in orbit for three months. The mysterious object is believed to have been released some time ago and is now visible only after being shifted to its orbit. China has kept silence about the details related to this mission or this spacecraft.
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no information about the landing of the spacecraft
It is not yet clear when and where the spacecraft will land. According to reports, it is being developed by China’s Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology. Last year the Office of the Director of National Intelligence detected 366 UFOs. Most of these are believed to be crafts. At the same time, many craft are believed to be Chinese drones.



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