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China’s stock of nuclear weapons crosses 400, preparations to make 1500 nuclear bombs… America’s warning

Beijing : Chinese President Xi Jinping tells his military People’s Liberation Army to prepare for a ‘real war’. His order is not just a part of the motivational speech. A report by the US Defense Ministry Pentagon claims that China’s stockpile of nuclear weapons has increased to more than 400 in less time than the US estimates. Beijing is focusing on increasing its nuclear capability. The country facing tension with neighboring countries wants to challenge its ‘biggest enemy’ America.

In 2020, the US estimated China’s nuclear arsenal to be just over 200. The US was estimated to double its reserves in less than a decade. But just two years later, according to the 2022 China Military Power Report released on Tuesday, China has reached a point where it could have 1,500 nuclear weapons by 2035 if it continues to increase its stockpile at the same pace.

135 ballistic missile tests done in 2021
A senior defense official said, ‘What we have seen in the last few years is a really accelerated expansion.’ China’s investment on nuclear weapons in all three areas, water, land and air, is increasing the concern of the American. The report states that China has also conducted 135 ballistic missile tests in 2021, which is more than the rest of the world’s total tests. These figures do not include ballistic missiles used in the Ukraine war.

China has an army of one million soldiers
The report states that the Chinese military is also developing space and counterspace weapons. China has a standing army of about one million soldiers, the largest navy by number of ships, and the third largest air force in the world. The National Defense Strategy for 2022, released last month, projects China as a major challenge to the US, which top Pentagon leaders often emphasize.

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