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Chinese President Xi Jinping is battling cerebral aneurysm, what is this dangerous disease

Cerebral Aneurysm: A mountain of troubles has broken on China, which has spread panic all over the world due to Corona. Firstly, this country is battling the crisis of its own spread disease Corona, secondly, a shocking news has also come out about President Xi Jinping. The news is about his health. they are sick. Jinping is suffering from a disease called cerebral aneurysm. According to media reports, he had to be hospitalized last year due to the same disease. There was speculation for a long time about the health of Xi Jinping that he has been ill for a long time. These speculations intensified when he avoided meeting foreign leaders during the Beijing Winter Olympics. It is said that he kept avoiding meeting people only because of his illness.

It is being told that after being admitted to the hospital, doctors had advised Xi Jinping to undergo surgery, but instead of undergoing surgery, Jinping relied on indigenous Chinese medicines and was getting his treatment through them. These Chinese medicines were working to soften the blood cells of his brain.

What is cerebral aneurysm disease

In the disease of cerebral aneurysm, the nerves of the patient’s brain become weak and swell. This disease can occur in any part of the brain and there is always a risk of these nerves bursting at any time.

Some of the symptoms of this disease are as follows-

Severe headache, paralysis in hands and feet, constant weakness or dizziness.

Apart from this, epileptic seizures have also been included in its symptoms.

The fine blood vessels present in the brain become swollen and appear like a bulge.

It looks like a small grain hanging from a thin twig.

Bleeding due to its rupture can also lead to brain stroke.

After the eruption of the rash, severe pain starts in the head. Vomiting may occur. There may be a feeling of stiffness in the neck. Can feel confused. There may also be difficulty in walking.

Although this disease can happen to a person of any age, but people who are 50 years or older or people suffering from high blood pressure, genetic disease, any kind of infection, brain injury and stress, this disease affects more. is.

The market of speculation is not just hot

Firstly, in the year 2019, Xi Jinping visited Italy. During this, there was a slight lameness in his gait and his steps were also staggering while walking. Then after that he went on a trip to France where he had to take help while sitting. In the year 2020, he was addressing a public meeting in Shenzhen, China, during which he was giving a very slow voice and speech. Not only this, he was also coughing in between. At that time also there was speculation that he was ill.

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