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Chinese Spy Balloon: China’s spy balloon seen in the sky of America, created a stir, fighter aircraft like F-22 ready

Washington: The US is tracking a suspected Chinese spy balloon that has been seen flying over some sensitive areas in recent days. Defense officials say that they are quite sure that the spy balloon flying in the sky is from China. It was recently seen in the western state of Montana. However, military officials are not in favor of shooting it down as they are worried about the danger of falling debris. China has not commented on the whole matter at the moment. US President Joe Biden has issued a statement on the situation.

Officials said the balloon was seen in the skies over Alaska’s Aleutian Islands and Canada before it was spotted over the city of Billings in Montana, the BBC reported. A senior defense official told that if the order to shoot it down is issued by the White House, then the government has prepared fighter jets like F-22 for that situation. Top military officials such as Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and General Mark Milley met on Wednesday to assess the threat.

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Why is America not shooting?

Officials do not recommend shooting it down as the falling debris can pose a danger to people on the ground. The sparsely populated state of Montana has one of three nuclear missile fields in the country. Officials said the spy balloon was flying over sensitive areas to collect information. Defense officials, however, said there was “no apparent threat” to US intelligence as officials knew where the balloon was and where it was passing.

How much danger to passenger plane?

He said that there is no danger to passenger planes as the balloon is flying at a higher altitude than commercial airlines can fly. Defense officials said the US has taken up the matter with the Chinese embassy in Beijing and Washington. During Thursday’s briefing at the Pentagon, officials declined to reveal its current location. He did not provide any information about its size and other things.

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