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Corona again started wreaking havoc, more than 56 thousand new cases in Singapore in a week

Corona cases increasing in Singapore

Singapore: The outbreak of Corona virus has started increasing once again in the world. The situation is very bad in Singapore. This month, between December 3 and December 9, 56,043 cases of corona have been reported in Singapore. Singapore’s Health Ministry has advised people to avoid going to crowded areas. Apart from this, the ministry has advised people to wear masks even inside the house. Passengers have been specifically asked to wear masks at airports.

What else did Singapore’s Health Ministry say?

Singapore’s Health Ministry said Covid cases rose to 56,043 in the first week of December, compared to 32,035 in the previous week. The average number of people admitted to Covid hospital every day was 225 a week ago, which has now increased to 350. ICU cases have increased to nine, compared to four last week. The predominant strain causing these infections has been identified as JN.1, which is a sublineage of BA.2.86.

Officials say that based on the international and local data currently available, it cannot be said that BA.2.86 or JN.1 are more infectious or cause more severe disease than other circulating variants.

These measures are being taken

  • Public hospitals are making immediate plans, will increase manpower and identify non-essential items.
  • Another COVID-19 treatment facility (CTF) opened at Singapore Expo Hall 10
  • People were appealed to stay at home in case of severe difficulty in breathing.
  • Health Ministry is collecting vaccination data
  • Singapore Health Ministry will also provide daily updates on COVID-19 numbers

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