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Corona cases increased three times in Europe in the last one and a half months, WHO warned

Covid-19 Case Triples Across Europe: The World Health Organization (WHO) said on 19 July that coronavirus cases across Europe have tripled in the past six weeks, accounting for nearly half of all infections globally. . The rate of hospitalization patients has also doubled, although it is a matter of relief that this patient is not in the intensive care unit. Dr. Hans Kluge, Director of WHO Europe, has described COVID-19 as “a dreadful and potentially fatal disease”. He has asked people not to take this disease lightly.

Kovid patients increasing in Europe

Dr. Hans Kluge, Director of WHO Europe, has advised people in Europe about the Kovid disease. He said that people should take this disease seriously. Dr. Kluge said the super-infectious relatives of the Omicron variant are driving a new wave of disease across the continent. In this way, repeated infections can potentially become the cause of Kovid for a long time. He said, “With the increasing cases, we are also seeing a steady increase in the number of people being admitted to the hospital. It is expected that these cases will increase further in the autumn and winter season. This will present a big challenge to the health workers of K.K., who are already under pressure due to their handling of the 2020 COVID pandemic.

Newspapers also expressed concern

Earlier this week, editors of two British medical journals said that the country’s National Health Service has never been more vulnerable than it has been due to the Kovid epidemic. Kamran Abbasi of the BMJ and Alastair McLellan of the Health Service Journal wrote in a joint editorial that the UK government is trying to address the ongoing problems caused by the deteriorating conditions of Kovid-19. has failed to do. The situation has been so bad that even the ambulance queues outside the hospitals were insufficient for the new patients. The newspapers also vehemently denied the claim of the government that due to vaccination, there were less patients for hospitalization. However, he admitted that due to the vaccine, there has been a decrease in this serious disease and the death toll. Newspaper editors wrote, “The government should stop gaslighting the public. It should be honest about the threat of the pandemic that still looms large over the National Health Service.”

WHO guideline for Europe

The WHO on Tuesday issued guidelines for Kovid-19 in view of the autumn season. Under this, the United Nations Health Agency has asked people of five years of age or older with a weakened immune system to give a second booster dose. Along with this, it has been asked to provide better ventilation in public transport including homes, schools, offices. WHO said that countries in the Southern Hemisphere are currently facing a very active flu season. It is increasing the load on the health system along with Kovid. Dr. Hans Kluge, Director of WHO Europe, has warned that similar conditions can arise in the Northern Hemisphere as well. He said that such increasing pressure could lead to chaos in areas like business, travel and school. He has appealed to the Europeans to be self-conscious about Corona, especially people of such countries where restrictions regarding Corona virus have been lifted.

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