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CPC Congress’s general conference will be completed today, proposal will be presented for Xi Jinping

China Communist Party: The 20th important convention of the ruling Communist Party of China (CPC) in China will conclude on Saturday (October 21) with the election of the central committee consisting of powerful and top leaders of the party. It is expected that a proposal for Xi Jinping’s third term will be presented on the last day of this conference. The CPC organizes the General Conference every five years, in which a total of 2,296 ‘elected’ representatives from branches across the country participate.

The 20th General Conference is a week long, which will conclude today with the election of the Central Committee governing the party. The present Central Committee has 376 members, out of which 205 are full time members and 171 are alternate members. The new Central Committee will meet on Sunday to elect the Political Bureau, which will elect the Standing Committee. The Standing Committee is the most powerful unit of the party, which governs the country.

Let us tell you that the meeting of the Standing Committee will also be held on the same day in which the General Secretary will be elected. The current political bureau has 25 members, while the standing committee has seven members, including 69-year-old Jinping. Xi Jinping has been the general secretary of the party since 2002. Speculations are rife that the Standing Committee on Sunday (October 22) will unexpectedly propose to make Xi the general secretary for a third term.

Jinping completing his 10-year term

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Jinping is completing his 10-year term as CPC chief and president this year. He will be the first Chinese leader after party founder Mao Zedong to serve a third term in power. Mao Zedong ruled for nearly three decades. After the completion of the election process, Jinping will appear before the media along with the new standing committee. For this, a gathering of media personnel has already gathered in China.

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