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Crowd gathered for the last glimpse of the Queen, 8 km long line in the cold night

Queen Elizabeth II funeral: King Charles III arrived at Buckingham Palace on Sunday (18 September) for a formal briefing on the funeral of the late Queen Elizabeth II. US President Joe Biden is arriving in London for the funeral, in which about 500 royals, heads of state and government have been invited from around the world. Thousands of people are not caring about the chilly night in London to pay their last respects to Queen Elizabeth II. Meanwhile, officials warned that they may have to wait 16 hours.

The crowd has been increasing since the first time people were allowed to enter the hall on Wednesday (September 14). There has been a queue of at least eight kilometers from the hall to around Southwark Park. Large numbers of people wish to bid their last farewell to the Queen at Westminster Hall of Parliament, where her coffin is kept. Out of respect for the patience of the people, Maharaja Charles III and his eldest son Prince William made an unannounced visit to thank those waiting.

People were desperate to get a glimpse of Charles

Two senior members of the royal family shook hands and thanked those in the long queue near Lamberth Bridge. The people in the crowd expressed condolences and pushed the barrier to get closer to Charles. Late in the night, volunteers distributed blankets and tea to the people in the queue as the temperature dropped to six degrees Celsius. Chris Harmon from London said, “It was a cold night (Friday night), but we had great friends. Met new friends. I’ll go to the ends of the earth for the Queen.”

All the grandchildren of the Queen will also be present

Simon Hopkins, who came from central England, described it as a pilgrimage. Charles has requested William and Prince Harry to be in military uniform at the Westminster Hall Vigil late Saturday. During this, all the eight grandchildren of the Queen will also be present. Meanwhile, on Friday (September 16) night, the police arrested a person who was trying to disturb the peace.

The queen will be buried beside her late husband

Indeed, the lying-in-state continues until the morning of Monday (September 19), when the Queen’s coffin will be taken to nearby Westminster Abbey for a funeral. 10 days of national mourning will end for Britain’s longest-reigning monarch. The late Queen’s coffin will be carried on a horse-drawn gun carriage through the historic center of London. It will then be taken to Windsor, where the Queen will be buried next to her late husband Prince Philip, who died last year.

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