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Deadly attack on Hollywood actress Denise Richard, attempted shooting on the road in Los Angeles

Attack on Denise Richards: Hollywood actress Denise Richard’s life was in danger when the road rage incident took place on Monday. There was a fatal attack on the actress in Los Angeles. Denise was going to the Popsicle Studio located in Los Angeles with her husband. Aaron Phippers, husband of Denise Richard, was driving. They were looking for a parking space. Due to which the driver of his rear vehicle got very irritated. He started shouting at them to give him the pass and after a while fired at them.

Denise started crying as soon as she reached the set

No one has been injured in this incident. Denise Richard was so scared after this incident that she started crying after reaching the set. The people involved in the crew found a hole in their car due to the bullet, after which they called 911 and informed the police about the whole incident.

Police investigating the incident

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Police told that they are investigating the incident. The incident happened near the Slauson and Western Avenue intersection. Denise was horrified after the incident and worked continuously for 12 hours. At this time her husband was always with her. After this, a police personnel posted on the set under his protection went along with him to drop him home.

Please tell that Denise Richard and Aaron Phipps got married in 2018. Let us tell you that the actress of The Wild Things was earlier married to Charlie Sheen. Both lived together from 2002 to 2006 and in these 4 years both had two daughters. In 2019, the actress revealed that she was facing health issues due to thyroid. She was last seen in ‘The Bold and the Beauty’ in 2019 itself.

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