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Delhi to London: When the bus used to run from London, India used to reach Pakistan in 80 days, dacoits, scary mountains, know what dangers they had to face

LondonThe distance from Delhi to London is more than 20 thousand kilometers and this distance is often covered by flight. But now soon people will be able to travel to London by bus too. However, this will not be the first time that people will travel from India to London by bus. This has happened before and at that time it was a record in itself. Even today people are sharing a photo of it on social media and talking about it. After all, what was that and how did this bus travel till London, know.

20 people were aboard
In 1957, Oswald-Joseph Garro Fischer started a bus service named ‘Indiaman’. This bus left for Kolkata on 15 April 1957 from Victoria Coach Station in London. That journey of more than 20 thousand kilometers was termed as a thrilling experience. The bus reached Kolkata while crossing the desert, forests and mountains. In that journey, about 20 people had left for Kolkata from London and only 7 people had taken a return ticket to London. The bus reached Kolkata on 5 June and left for London on 2 August 1957. Imran Khan News: My relatives were present with Jinnah at the Golmail conference… Imran Khan’s lies were exposed, insulted
Bus 7 passengers in return
The fare from London to Kolkata was £85 and the return fare was fixed at £65. This bus came to India via France, Italy, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Iran and Pakistan. The bus reached India 16 days late. It is said that during the trip, travelers had to stay in hotels or camps.

The bus was delayed in coming to India because of the flu epidemic spreading in Asia and due to this it was stopped at the Pakistan-Iran border. She used to reach India while traveling through Lahore, Rawalpindi, Kabul, Kandahar, Tehran, Vienna and many such beautiful countries. However, in return only 7 passengers went to London from India.

This bus passed through the Ganges, the Taj Mahal, the Rajpath, the Rhine Valley and the Peacock Throne. At that time travelers also had the opportunity to do free shopping in New Delhi, Tehran, Salzburg, Istanbul and Vienna. The bus had sleeping compartments as well as fans and even music arrangements. That service is said to be the most convenient till date because at that time the condition of roads all over the world was very bad.


Rumors rife!
While this bus was on its journey, a rumor had troubled Britain. While passing through Iran, a rumor spread that all the passengers of the bus had been killed by dacoits. But shortly after, the British Embassy officials found out that it was just a rumor and all the passengers were safe. The officials heaved a sigh of relief and arranged a cocktail party for the passengers.

The American newspaper New York Times had given information about that journey. Then the bus’s owner, Fischer, said that he had no fear about the dangerous peaks on the way and the sharp turns of Mount Ararat in Turkey. At the same time, due to the desert in Iran, there was a danger of the bus getting stuck in the sand. The region was frequented by sand storms and was also very hot. Due to the flu, the bus had to take another 1200-mile long route back as the Iran-Pakistan border was closed.

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why this bus stopped
Peter Moss, a passenger on the bus, then 22 years old, did not return to London. They continued their journey east into Malaysia by sea. He also wrote a diary titled, ‘The Indiaman’ and in it he gave very good information about the journey. After the completion of this journey, this bus went on three more journeys. By the 1960s, such road trips had become very popular among hippies. He started coming to India on such a journey.

In the 1970s, several political and military conflicts made the roads quite dangerous. So it had to be closed. Now this journey is about to start again. Adventure Overland, a tourism operator from India has announced the launch of a 70-day journey from Delhi to London. These buses will reach London via Poland, Russia, Kazakhstan, China and Myanmar.




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