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Dictator Kim Jong made South Korea sleepless, then fired two missiles, America came in tension


North Korea fired 2 ballistic missiles.
North Korea has increased the concern of South Korea and America.
North Korea conducted weapons launch programs 11 times this year.

Seoul: North Korea again on Monday fired two short-range ballistic missiles from its east coast towards the water, which has increased the concern of South Korea and America. Fears over Kim Jong-un’s repeated weapons tests are mounting as the US prepares to deploy an aircraft carrier strike group in neighboring waters to boost its military drills with the South.

According to the AP report, South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff said that Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea, fired the missile from the western inland. These missiles flew cross-country, But not much information has been found on this. Japan’s coast guard said both missiles were believed to have fallen outside Japan’s exclusive economic zone. This was North Korea’s seventh missile test this month, which is responsible for increasing tension in the region. Since this incident, the joint military exercise of America and South Korea has been intensified.

North Korea has fired more than 20 ballistic and cruise missiles in 11 weapons launch programs this year. North Korea’s launch this month also included an intercontinental ballistic missile and short-range warheads that were intended to overwhelm South Korea’s missile defenses as it could launch nuclear strikes on both South Korea and the US mainland. tries to display.

Nuclear drones were also included in North Korea’s tests. North Korea claims that it is capable of destroying naval ships and ports. By launching more than 70 missiles in 2022, North Korea has already set a record in weapons testing.

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