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Dinosaur Footprints: Dinosaur footprints found inside restaurant in China, world’s largest animal was alive 100 million years ago

Beijing : Millions of years ago, dinosaurs ruled the earth. The size of these giant animals was like a multi-storey building, some of which were carnivorous and some were vegetarian. At present, when paleontologists and archaeologists go out to search, the remains or fossils of dinosaurs are found in the excavation at any archaeological site. But an important item related to the history of dinosaurs has been found inside a restaurant in southwest China. The footprints of ancient creatures have been found in the outer premises of the restaurant, which are about 100 million years old.

According to reports, footprints of two sauropods, a type of dinosaur found in the early Cretaceous period, were found along with several stones at a restaurant complex in Leshan, Sichuan province. Paleontologists have given this information. Earlier there was a farm on the restaurant land. Over time, layers of dust covered the dinosaur’s footprints, allowing them to survive and survive the weather.
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Marks of a species with a long neck and tail
Paleontologist and associate professor at China University of Geosciences Lida Jing told USA Today that her team confirmed the finding on Saturday using a 3D scanner. Often seen in photographs and science movies, Brontosaurus was part of the sauropod species and was known for its long neck and tail. It is considered to be the largest animal to have ever been born on earth, which was as long as three school buses.

26 feet long dinosaur
Jing said footprints found in the restaurant showed the creature was about 26 feet long. He said development works and construction in China have made the study of fossils challenging for paleontologists, so this restaurant find is extremely rare. That is why his team reached the site within 48 hours of being informed about the discovery.

This discovery is also very important because it is associated with the Cretaceous period, which was considered the ‘golden age’ of dinosaurs. According to Jing, the restaurant owner has cordoned off the site so that the foot prints are not spoiled by the movement of people.


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