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Dirty bomb can destroy a city like New York for centuries, Russia also trembles with this weapon of Ukraine, know how dangerous

MoscowThe war between Russia and Ukraine has completed eight months. The war has gone through many dramatic developments in these eight months. But what is now being claimed by Russia is intimidating. According to Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, Ukraine is trying to use a ‘dirty bomb’. He has not given any proof of this, but his statement is intimidating. If experts are to be believed, Russia is pushing a new notion by doing so.

what is dirty bomb
Along with the Dirty Bomb, the Russian Defense Minister was referring to a bomb that would have been like an atomic bomb, but its effect is not as destructive. The radioactive waste emanating from it can cause havoc on a large scale. Dirty bomb is a weapon that is made by preparing radioactive material. Elements like uranium are used in this bomb.

When this bomb explodes, explosives and radioactive elements are spread in the air. This bomb does not contain dangerous radioactive elements like an atomic bomb. Rather, this bomb is made by mixing radioactive elements from the hospital and nuclear power station. Because of this, it is much cheaper and gets ready sooner than the atomic bomb. This bomb is easily carried on a vehicle.
‘Ukraine may fire dirty bombs on its soil to encircle Russia’, Russian Defense Minister fears false flag operation
weapon of terror
Due to radioactive elements, there is a risk of serious diseases like cancer etc. Because of this, the use or threat of this bomb can create panic in a population. Wherever this bomb is tested, people are first removed and then that place is left forever. According to the Federation of American Scientists, if a bomb contains 9 grams of cobalt-60 and up to five kilograms of TNT, then it can destroy Manhattan in New York for several decades. Therefore, these bombs are called weapons of destruction on a large scale.
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tried many times
At the same time, it is also true that such bombs are very unreliable. In a dirty bomb, any kind of radioactive material has to be converted into powder to destroy the target zone. But if its particles become very fine, then the damage from them is negligible. So far, no example of successful dirty bomb use has been found in the world. Although it has been used many times.

when was the experiment
In 1996, Chechnya rebels used a dirty bomb containing dynamite and Sessium-137 in Moscow’s Izmailovo Park. Cesium is extracted from cancer treatment devices. The security forces detected this bomb and it was defused. In 1998, the Intelligence Service of Chechnya found a similar bomb that was defused. The bomb was planted near a railway line.
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Al Qaeda Weapon!
In 2002, Jose Padilla, an American citizen, contacted Al Qaeda. He was arrested. Jose was planning to use a similar bomb in Chicago. Jose was sentenced to 21 years in prison. Two years later, another al Qaeda terrorist, Dhiren Barot, a British national, was arrested in London. Dhirane was sentenced to 30 years in prison. He was trying to carry out terrorist attacks with the help of this bomb in America and UK. Neither of them had started the process of preparing the Dirty Bomb.

Russia is only spreading propaganda

According to the US-based Study of War (ISW), this statement from the Defense Minister of Russia is part of the strategy. The institute says that the purpose of this statement is only to block military aid to Ukraine or to reduce the pace of war. It could also be that Russia wants to intimidate NATO forces.

Russia wants to experiment

There is also the possibility that Russia wants to detonate a dirty bomb in Ukraine. At the same time, he is preparing to falsely accuse the Ukrainian forces for this. However, according to many military experts, Russia is not so stupid. He knows that if the Dirty Bomb explodes, then his soldiers will also be hit by it and can cause damage to the areas under his control. The ISW says that there is no possibility of the use of this dirty bomb from the Russian side.



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