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Doctor promises Rs 32 crore to promote Hinduism in America

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Dr. Mihir Meghani is one of the founders of ‘Hindu American Foundation’.

Fremont: An American doctor of Indian origin has promised to donate 4 million dollars (more than Rs 32 crore) to spread awareness about Hinduism and promote it in America. He said that Hindu is not just a religion but a way of life. Emergency care doctor Mihir Meghani founded the ‘Hindu American Foundation’ with his friends two decades ago. He pledged to provide $1.5 million to Hindu causes over the next eight years at the annual Silicon Valley event earlier this month. Along with this, he will provide 40 lakh dollars in 2 decades for the purpose of Hindu welfare.

‘I am a paid emergency doctor’

Dr. Meghani said, ‘My wife Tanvi and I have so far contributed $1.5 million to the Hindu American Foundation. We have contributed more than $1 million to other Hindu and Indian organizations for these causes over the past 15 years. In the next 8 years, we are pledging to give 15 lakh dollars to pro-India and Hindu organizations. I don’t have a startup company, I don’t have a side business, I’m an emergency doctor on salary. My wife is a fitness instructor and jewelery designer. We’re not making millions of dollars a year. We do not have share options.

‘We are doing this because it is our religion’
Explaining the purpose behind giving such a huge amount for the propagation of Hindu religion, Dr. Meghani said, ‘We are doing this because it is our religion, it is our duty.’ Answering a question, Dr. Meghani said that most American people do not understand Hinduism easily, because most of the people here are Christians. He said, ‘They (Americans) come from Abrahamic background. When they look at different religions, they fail to understand that Hinduism is not just a religion, it is a way of life. It’s a way of thinking about life.’ (Language)

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