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Dog Meat in Indonesia: Amazing food! Indonesians looking for flavor in dog meat, lack of dogs

Jakarta: Eating dog meat has become common in Indonesia. Dog meat restaurants have become common in Medan, Indonesia. It is a major source of protein for the Batak people living here. According to the Dog Meat Free Indonesia report, 7 percent of Indonesians eat dog meat. About 87 percent of Indonesia’s population is Muslim and dog meat is banned for them. About 9% of the population is Christian.

According to the Al Jazeera report, dog meat is often eaten in areas of the country where Christian populations are high. These include North Sumatra, North Sulawesi and East Nusa Tenggara, where only 9 percent of Muslims live. One person told in the conversation, ‘I eat dog meat only because I am hungry. I am eating it and it makes me sweat because dog meat generates heat in the body.
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health problems may occur
A group working for animal rights said that dog meat is cruel to animals and it is a risk to public health. This can lead to the spread of rabies infection. At the same time, many Indonesians consider dog meat like chicken and beef and oppose its ban. According to Dickie Senda, a food activist and author from East Nusa Tenggara in Molo, the consumption of meat has grown exponentially over the years. He said, ‘Molo people do not eat dog meat in the traditional way, although it is not even known when it came into vogue, but now it is very popular.’
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Meat supply became difficult
In East Nusa Tenggara, the prevalence of dog meat has increased in such a way that meeting the demand is a major problem for the suppliers of meat. For this reason, now the practice of killing dogs is being seen. Suppliers throw potassium on the food items on the roads and streets. When dogs eat them, they become unconscious, but this does not affect the meat. According to Dickie Senda, he has lost five to six dogs. There has also been talk of banning dog meat, but the local people have been against it.


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