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Dragon’s provocation continues, 14 Chinese warships and 66 fighter jets seen near Taiwan

Chinese fighter jet in Taiwan: Continuous provocation is being done by China around Taiwan. Several Chinese Air Force aircraft entered Taiwan’s air defense area. Apart from this, activities of Chinese military ships have been seen around Taiwan’s waters. According to the Taiwan Defense Ministry, the presence of 14 warships and 66 aircraft of the Chinese army was recorded till this evening in the area around Taiwan. This includes six J-16s, four J-11s, eight Su-30s, one anti-submarine aircraft Y-8, and three H-6 aircraft.

The Taiwan Defense Ministry said its military forces were monitoring the situation. For this, where fighter aircraft are patrolling. At the same time, the air defense missile system is also being activated. Taiwan’s Defense Ministry said on Saturday that Taiwan warned 20 Chinese aircraft, including 14 Chinese aircraft, about crossing the midline. Significantly, China is furious over US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan.

Chinese army presence around Taiwas

Chinese fighter planes and ships are constantly being seen around Taiwan. Ballistic missiles were also fired around Taiwan by China. China has called it a military exercise. At the same time, many flights have been canceled after China’s military exercises near Taiwan.

On this matter, America has said that China’s actions around Taiwan are provocative and irresponsible. Apart from the US, Australia and Japan also condemned the launch of ballistic missiles by China and urged China to immediately stop military exercises.

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