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Due to the lockdown in China, people do not have food left, seeking help through social media

China Corona Lockdown: People in the areas where there is a lockdown due to Coronavirus in China are complaining about the shortage of essential items including food and water. At least 30 regions in China have been under partial or complete lockdown, forcing millions of people to stay indoors. According to the BBC report, a resident of western Xinjiang said, “It’s been 15 days, we don’t have flour, rice and eggs. A few days ago we ran out of milk for the kids.”

The Communist Party Congress is to be held in October. This is the biggest meeting of the party to be held in five years, in which the President is elected. It is being said that the officials are busy preparing for this Congress. At the same time, the Xi Jinping government has implemented zero covid policy in China. Therefore, even after a small number of corona cases have been reported, many areas are facing lockdown. On Monday, 949 new cases of corona were reported in China. Questions are being raised about China’s zero Kovid policy.

Request for help through social media

In the Ili Kazakh Autonomous Prefecture of Xinjiang, which borders Kazakhstan, people have been stricken by a week-long lockdown. They are asking for help through social media. The report said that in a video post, a Uighur man is seen saying that his three children have not eaten for three days. At the same time, a common online document containing more than 300 urgent requests for food, medicine and sanitary pads has been prepared and shared in Yining, the capital city of Ili. Another person said, “I don’t have money to buy things. My wife is pregnant and we have two kids. We’re out of gas. My wife needs a medical checkup.” The area has a mixed population of Han Chinese, Kazakh and Uyghur residents.

In southwestern Guizhou province, half a million people were told to stay indoors without warning. According to the report of The Guardian, the elevators of the buildings were closed. The newspaper quoted a user from China’s microblogging site Weibo as saying, “We can’t even buy goods online because they don’t deliver and supermarkets are closed. Is the government treating us like animals and does it want us to die?

More than two crore people affected by the lockdown

Earlier this year, two months of sanctions were in place in Shanghai. The largest city currently facing lockdown is Chengdu, which is the capital of Sichuan province. More than 2 crore people have been banned from moving out of the city. People are being allowed to come out of the house to buy essential things only after showing the Covid negative test report. Recently there was a severe earthquake in the province. People had come out of their homes in fear of this. They were seen trying to escape from the closed exits. Officials say plans are being made to lift restrictions in five areas.

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