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Earthquake News: Turkish government has been collecting ‘earthquake tax’ for 24 years, now if needed, people asked for accounts

Ganjiatep: The death toll from the devastating earthquake in Turkey and Syria has crossed 15,000. At the same time, the number of injured is more than 35 thousand. Domestic and foreign relief workers are engaged in 24×7 rescue work in the earthquake-affected areas of both the countries, but the devastation is so horrific that help has still not reached thousands of people. The anger of the citizens has flared up against the government. It is being asked that where is the tax that was collected in the name of dealing with the earthquake. Actually, Turkey had imposed a new tax after the terrible earthquake of 1999. The amount deposited from this was to be used to deal with earthquake or other natural calamity. Its official name is ‘Special Communication Tax’. According to reports, about 88 billion lira ($4.6 billion) was raised from this tax. However, the government does not tell where and how this money is spent. “Where have all our taxes, which have been collected since 1999, gone?” asked a man speaking to AFP.

“We have survived the earthquake, but will surely die of hunger and cold,” said a 64-year-old man in Antakya, in the quake-hit Hatay province. This statement is telling how frightening the situation is. People are getting angry. On the complaints of the people, Turkish President Rajab Tayyab Erdoğan said that yes there were some problems earlier, but they are being rectified.

fight against time in the battle of life
World Health Organization (WHO) chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus has warned that time is running out for those still buried under the rubble. The temperature has reached below zero in many cities of Turkey and Syria. The United Nations says snow and rain are hampering rescue operations in the quake-hit areas. People in Ganjiatep, the epicenter of the earthquake, say that help had not reached them even 12 hours after the devastation. Many families in the worst affected areas said that the rescue work was very slow. We are not getting any help in digging out the relatives from the debris. It has also become difficult to reach remote areas due to the destruction of roads due to the disaster. Those who have suffered this devastating earthquake. They have to contend with the icy weather.

72 countries have extended a helping hand
72 countries from all over the world have extended their helping hand in Turkey and Syria. Relief workers along with medical teams, soldiers and dog squads from these countries are working tirelessly to help the people. Among them are the European Union, America, Israel and Russia. The Red Cross has sent medicines and essential equipment for the treatment of 100 people to a hospital in the Syrian city of Aleppo. The Red Cross is sending packed food, blankets, mattresses and other items to several camps being set up in the affected areas.

Turkey Earthquake: We are dying of hunger and cold… Tremendous anger against Erdogan in earthquake-hit Turkey, what will happen in the elections?
30 countries of NATO bowed their flags
The 30 countries involved in the NATO organization lowered their flags on Wednesday in view of the devastation caused by the earthquake in Turkey. Flags flown at half-mast at NATO’s headquarters in Brussels. Turkey is also a member of NATO. The organization tweeted that 1400 personnel from more than 20 NATO countries are engaged in relief work in Turkey. Relief workers from Finland and Sweden, invited members of NATO, are also helping.

Turkey’s land moved 10 feet
Turkey’s land has shifted 10 feet due to the earthquake. Head of Italy’s National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology, Prof. Carlo Doglioni has claimed this. Actually, Turkey is situated between 3 tectonic plates. These plates are Anatolian tectonic plate, Eurasian and Arabian plate. The Anatolian Plate and the Arabian Plate have moved 225 km away from each other. Due to this, Turkey has shifted 10 feet from its geographical place.

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