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Effect of Russia-Ukraine war on FIFA World Cup, Poland tea reached Qatar under the guard of F16 fighter jets

FIFA World Cup 2022: Fans are very excited about the biggest football event FIFA World Cup. At this time everyone’s eyes are fixed on the FIFA World Cup to be held in Qatar. The competition between 32 countries will start from November 20, in which all the teams are reaching to participate. The national team of Poland also left to participate in the FIFA World Cup tournament to be held in Qatar.

When the team members left for Qatar from Poland, the help of F16 Fighter Jets was taken to get them safely out of the Polish border. Members of the Poland National Team were dropped outside the country’s border under tight security cover of F16 jets en route to the Middle East. The video of the same has been shared by the official Twitter account of Poland’s national football team.

Poland team came out in security cordon

Actually, the effect of the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine remains on the border of the two countries as well. Poland is also included in the same countries, which shares its border with both Russia and Ukraine. Recently, two people were killed after a missile was dropped on the Poland-Ukraine border. Since then the situation there has remained tense.

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Poland’s national football team was escorted out of the country by F16 fighter jets to attend the FIFA World Cup in Qatar in view of the tense situation caused by the Russia-Ukraine War. The national team of Poland has also shared a video of this on social media. The caption read, “We were escorted by F16 planes to the southern border of Poland! Thank you and good luck to the pilots!”

The first match will be held on 22 November

Poland is in Group C in the FIFA World Cup tournament starting on 20 November. Poland’s first match will be against Mexico on 22 November. The Poland team, under the leadership of Robert Lewandowski, will face Saudi Arabia on 26 November and will face Lionel Messi’s Argentina on 30 November. The Polish team will enter the tournament with the intention of winning their first match.

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