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Eggs thrown at King Charles during an event in Britain, police arrested a man

King Charles: After the death of Queen Elizabeth II of Britain, Charles III, who became King of Britain, is facing opposition. During an event, a man threw eggs at King Charles and his wife Camilla. However, these eggs did not reach the king and fell near him. Soon after this incident, the police arrested the accused person. The King and his wife were here at the unveiling of a statue of Queen Elizabeth II.

A video of this entire incident has also surfaced, in which it can be seen that three eggs are thrown towards them one after the other. During this, King Charles is somewhat shocked, but it does not have much effect on him. After a few seconds, they again start shaking hands with people.

The man who threw the eggs raised slogans
The person who threw eggs at King Charles III was also raising some slogans during this time. In which he was saying that this country is built on the blood of slaves. However, during this time everyone raised slogans in support of King Charles. People raised slogans of ‘God save the king’ and ‘Shame on you’ about the accused. After this the police immediately caught the man and later he was arrested. At present, the person is being questioned regarding this matter.

Demonstration against King before
This is not the first time that there has been a demonstration against King Charles. Earlier, after the death of Queen Elizabeth, there were demonstrations against King Charles III. Many people raised slogans against him, for which he was also arrested. In fact, many people in Britain are protesting against the monarchy. They demand that it should be abolished. Apart from this, questions were also raised regarding the appointment of King.

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Also, the case of throwing eggs is not the first. Prior to King Charles III, the Queen was also attacked with a similar egg. In 1986, when the Queen was on her royal tour of New Zealand, a woman threw an egg at her, which she also felt. This woman was demonstrating against Britain’s agreement with the Maori tribes.

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