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Elections in China! What is the issue? This is the demand of the people who are unable to vote from Xi Jinping

Beijing: Xi Jinping is likely to come to power in China once again. Some predict that Xi Jinping will become China’s most powerful leader in decades. The session of the Communist Party of China has started from 16 October. It consists of party members, who together choose a leader. 2,300 party members have attended this meeting. China may not have a democracy, but people live there too. People have their own issues. After all, what do the people of China want from Xi Jinping?

China’s economy is a major force in the world, but its growth seems to be stalling now. Xi Jinping’s policies are responsible for this. Due to his zero covid policy, big companies have been put on hold, due to which the economy has been deeply affected. China’s economy has also deteriorated due to the trade war with America. On Sunday, Xi Jinping’s speech was heard by a college student in China. College students told what they wanted.
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The issue of lack of jobs is important for students
According to a BBC report, college students want jobs. Some students said that the job market is not good. There is a shortage of jobs. At the same time, some people said that they are worried about the policy. Especially in the real estate sector. One person while listening to Xi Jinping’s speech said that I want to know whether any steps will be taken to help the people. A student said that the government should give confidence to the people to start new business.
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How will it help in increasing the birth rate?
Until recently, China had a one child policy. But now Xi Jinping’s government wants to increase the birth rate. Pointing to her child, a mother said, ‘We have a child and we are seeing a lot of difficulties. We want to know how to enlarge it? How to teach it and make a better part of the society. If the government wants to increase the birth rate, it should tell how the parents will be helped.



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