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Elon Musk Twitter: Elon Musk does not want women to work in Twitter? Half fired in the name of retrenchment, case in court

Washington: Elon Musk is now the new boss of the micro-blogging site Twitter. Some former female employees of Twitter have approached the court against a decision by Elon Musk, the world’s richest man, successful businessman and owner of several companies like Tesla, SpaceX. In fact, after Musk bought Twitter, employees expected ‘good days’ to come but ‘bad days’ came. The new boss instead of increasing the promotion and salary, did a massive layoff. Some women who lost their jobs in this retrenchment are suing the company.

These women claim that Twitter intentionally targeted female employees in the layoff process. The discrimination case is the latest in legal challenges against the company after Musk bought Twitter for $44 billion and fired several employees. The Guardian reports that hundreds of people have resigned since the big change in the company. The new case, filed Wednesday in San Francisco federal court, says Twitter has fired 57 percent of female employees, compared to 47 percent of male employees.

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Female engineers fired more than males
According to the lawsuit, the gender disparity was even greater in engineering positions, where 63 percent of women lost their jobs compared to 48 percent of men. The women in the case allege the company violated federal and California laws banning sex discrimination in the workplace. Women’s advocate Shannon Liss-Riordan said that after the acquisition of the company, Musk targeted women, ignoring talent and contribution.

Workload on employees increased manifold
Elon Musk is making several big changes to Twitter. A few days ago a report said that the employees have to work overtime to meet the target given by Musk. According to reports, managers are working 12-12 hour shifts seven days a week and have to sleep in the office on weekends. Some people say that it is a test of the employees’ ability to work hard.

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