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Senior law enforcement officials are scheduled to continue their testimony at the federal inquiry into the government’s use of the emergency law this morning.

support Robert Bernier, who oversaw the Ottawa Police Command Center for part of the “Freedom Convoy” demonstrations in February, said he would have carried out a pre-planned police operation even if the law had not been enforced.

He also said he doesn’t need the federal government to force truck drivers to remove vehicles from the city center because police have already assembled 34 tow trucks with willing drivers.

But Bernier also told the commission during an interview that the emergency declaration may have persuaded protesters to stay away from downtown Ottawa and be more compliant with the police.

During the convoy, Ottawa Police said one of their limitations in ending the protests was the tow truck drivers’ unwillingness to move hundreds of vehicles blocking the roads around Parliament Hill.

The emergency law, enforced on February 14, gave temporary and extraordinary powers to police and governments to shut down demonstrations and allowed police and city officials to command tow trucks to move large trucks and other vehicles .

This report from The Canadian Press was first published on October 26, 2022

Emergency Law Inquiry Hearing by Senior Police Officers



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