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Emmanuel Macron Egg Attack: ‘Egg’ thrown at French President Emmanuel Macron, see how the security forces caught the attacker

French President Emmanuel Macron has been attacked again. This time a man attacked the crowd surrounded by something like an egg. After which the security forces who came into action caught the accused immediately. Macron was also attacked in June this year. Then a man standing in the crowd pulled Emmanuel Macron’s shirt and slapped him.

Egg thrown at Macaron in the city of Lyon
This incident of attack on Emmanuel Macron took place in the city of Lyon in southern France. In a tweet going viral on social media, it is written that while traveling in Lyon, an egg was thrown at Emmanuel Macron. A youth has been arrested by the security forces. In the footage too, Macron is seen walking around a local trade fair. Then a brown object, which looked like an egg, hit his collar.

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Security personnel caught the attacker
As soon as Macron turned back from the sudden attack, the security personnel took charge. He took the French President into his circle and started pointing at the accused. Soon the security personnel caught the attacker. It is not yet clear what was the intention of the attacker.

Macron talks to the attacker!
This attack had no effect on Macron. He seemed unfazed by this incident. “If he has anything to tell me, let him come,” Macron told his guards. I’ll go see him later. Go get him.” Further incident is not recorded in this video. Police is yet to say whether a case has been registered against the accused or not.

Video: French President Emmanuel was slapped by a man, watch the action of the security personnel

Macron had arrived to attend the Lyon Trade Fair
The International Hotel, Catering and Food Trade Exhibition is currently underway in Lyon. French President Macron had arrived to attend this. Many cabinet ministers were also accompanying him in this visit. Ahead of his visit, Macron also announced a tax exemption on bank card payments in restaurants. In this trade fair, many people also thanked Macron for giving financial assistance during the Corona period.

Egg attack on French President Macron


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