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Europe India: Europe cannot impose rules on India… Jaishankar showed the mirror, then EU official changed his tone on oil import from Russia

Brussels: Josep Borrell, the highest representative of foreign policy of the European Union (EU), has once again targeted India on oil imports from Russia. Borrell’s tone had changed this time but he did not forget to reiterate his point. Josep Borrell said that if India is buying oil from Russia then it is fine. Borrell had objected to the fact that after all, India buys oil from Russia, processes it again and sells it to Europe. Borrell’s new statement is enough to tell that India’s Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar has probably understood the rule on which he had been advised in the past. By the way, experts in his own country see Borrell as an embarrassment.

Can’t impose my rules on others
Josep Borrell, who is called the policy guru of the EU, said that it is okay for India to buy oil from Russia. It is also true that the EU cannot impose its own restrictions and regulations on other countries. According to Borrell, he is saying this not because he wants to avoid any problems with India, but because he knows that Europe cannot impose its will on New Delhi. Along with this, he did not forget to say that India has now started supplying more processed products to Europe. That is, Europe is still getting cheap oil from Russia but from a third country.
S Jaishankar Europe: Read the law of Europe… European Union surrounded Russian oil, then Jaishankar gave a befitting reply, stopped speaking, video
Borrell reminded of the rules
Borrell’s tone was quite harsh till last week. He demanded that action should be taken on Indian refineries as they are processing crude oil coming from Russia and selling it to Europe. After this, India’s Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar had silenced him in his own style by giving him an agreement. Jaishankar reminded Borrell of the rule of the EU Council which he had probably forgotten. Jaishankar reminded Borrell of EU Council’s 833/2014.

Borel’s answer to every allegation
Jaishankar had said that with this rule, it becomes clear that if the crude oil coming from Russia passes through the process in a third country, then it will not be considered as Russian oil. Borrell didn’t stop there. He said that if diesel or petrol is entering Europe and coming from India and being produced processed with Russian oil, it is definitely a violation of sanctions and the member countries will have to deal with it. But Jaishankar’s reply dismissed each of Borrell’s allegations.

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