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Europe’s largest nuclear plant, Zaporizhzhya closed, was working on ‘island mode’ for several days

Kyiv : Ukraine’s nuclear power operator said the last reactor at Europe’s largest nuclear plant had been shut down. The plant was shut down after being reconnected to the power grid. The six-reactor Zaporizhzhya plant was taken off the grid last week after all its power lines were cut as a result of fighting in the area. The plant had been operating on ‘island mode’ for several days and was generating power for critical cooling equipment from its only operational reactor. ‘Island mode’ refers to a plant that is not connected to other power plants.

The Energotum company said a power line was restored late Saturday, prompting plant operators to shut down the last reactor as well. The company said there was still a risk that the power could be re-cut outside, and the plant would have to run emergency diesel generators to keep the reactors cool and the nuclear reactors from overheating, the company said. The head of the company had told on Thursday that the plant has only diesel left for 10 days.

Zelensky’s celebration and Putin’s sadness, Russian soldiers returning from Kharkiv, results of Ukraine war visible?
Occupation of Russia from the beginning of the war
One of the 10 largest nuclear power stations in the world, the plant has been occupied by the Russian military since the beginning of the war. Ukraine and Russia have been blaming each other for the bombings around the plant. The bombing destroyed the power lines connecting the plant to the grid. In a statement on Sunday, Energotum urged the Russian military to leave the Zaporizhzhya plant and allow it to create a “demilitarized zone” around it.

Appeal to create a safe zone to avoid disaster
The International Atomic Energy Agency, the UN’s nuclear watchdog, did not comment on Sunday. He has two specialists in this plant. The director of the agency has called for a safe zone around the plant to avoid any disaster. Russia’s Defense Ministry said on Saturday that it was withdrawing its troops from two sites in Kharkiv, Ukraine. Significantly, in both these areas, Ukrainian troops have made a lot of progress in the last week.



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