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Executioner husband dug alive wife’s grave, tied hands and feet and put soil from above, woman came out after defeating death

Washington : A woman from Washington, USA, was attacked by her husband with a knife and then buried alive. But the woman did not die and after hours of effort, she survived. Police said in a release that the Thurston County Sheriff’s deputy arrived at around 1 p.m. on Monday at a home in Lacey, where Young Ann, 42, was banging on the door calling for help. Her husband had tried to kill her. Tape was wrapped around his neck, lower face and legs. He had bruises on his legs, arms and head, and his clothes and hair were covered in dust.

According to the New York Post news, the last few hours were the worst time of life for Young, which started at his home on Sunday afternoon. She lived separately from her husband. Young told police that she allegedly attacked Young during a quarrel with her husband Chai Kyong (53) over divorce. According to NBC News, Chai tied her up with tape and left the bedroom. During this, Young managed to call 911 from her Apple Watch and send notifications to her emergency contacts.

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The woman was buried in the ground by giving drugs
Chai then allegedly took her to the garage where he broke Young’s watch with a hammer and took it away, according to officials. The woman told that after attacking her with a knife, she excavated. According to the report, the woman was given drugs and buried in a pit and a heavy tree was placed over her. After being buried in the ground, she could feel her husband walking around and pouring soil on him.

A woman lying alive in the grave for hours
Young said she lay in a shallow grave for several hours and was finally able to cut the tape. After coming out of the grave, she ran continuously for 30 minutes and reached a house and started pleading for help after which she was rescued at around 1 pm. The woman told the police that her husband had threatened her earlier also. Police said that after responding to Young’s 911 call, police found the garage door open at his home and searched for him for hours.



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