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Family’s death, hotel ruined, all over… yet Taj reopened in just 21 days, UN manager told the pain of 26/11 attack

New York : Dated 26 November 2008, AK-47 terrorists targeted several buildings in Mumbai. From children to the elderly and women, 160 people died in the attack and more than 300 were injured. Terrorists also targeted the Taj Hotel in Mumbai in the 26/11 attack. At that time Karambir Kang was the general manager of the hotel. Karambir Kange has appealed to the international community to act against terrorism and do justice to the victims who lost their lives in the attack. At the United Nations Global Congress for the Victims of Terrorism, Kang paid tribute to victims around the world and shared painful memories of 26/11. He lost his wife and two young sons in the attack.

“The whole world watched with awe when 10 terrorists attacked my country, my city and my hotel, The Taj Mahal where I was general manager,” Kang said. That tragedy continued for three consecutive days in which more than 34 people died. He said that my wife and two sons could not survive this attack and were killed, I have lost everything. My staff members just had courage as a weapon. We lost many of our brave comrades but their valor saved thousands of lives that night.

‘Hotel reopened in just 21 days’
Kang said that what happened to the terrorists who entered the hotel was written in their destinies but those who planned and funded the attack are still free. He said that even though our company and we have received applause from all over the world, but after 14 long and painful years, we are still looking for justice. Today I call on the international community to work together for justice, nationally and across borders. To counter terrorism, we have reopened the completely destroyed hotel, in just 21 days.

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‘Terrorists should not get safe haven’
“Come with us and ensure that no safe havens are created for terrorists,” Kang told UN member states. The first UN Global Congress of Victims of Terrorism took place on 8 and 9 September. Its purpose was to pay tribute to the victims of terrorism around the world such as the Mumbai attacks. In June, an anti-terrorism court in Pakistan sentenced 26/11 Mumbai terror attack conspirator Sajid Majeed Mir to 15-and-a-half years in prison in a terrorism financing case.



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